Venting in the Workplace

What is workplace vent? Where do people go now to vent their frustrations at work? Is there a digital

platform for that? The idea to provide a platform for workplace vents and rants came from three

separate and unrelated incidents that occurred over the past week. The first incident involved a person

in a workplace who made this statement: “I am so sick and tired of working in this place. And when I am

not sick, I am fed up, and when I am not fed up I am sick. I am fed up. Just fed up.” Following this

outburst, the person involved seemed to feel better and then carried on performing the tasks at hand.

The second outburst was sent to me in writing. The employee involved had this to say. “Last week at

work was horrible. Let’s see what happens this week. Working with uneducated, immature idiots! No

offense, but most of them are Jamaicans who think they are god’s gift to women. They (the company)

seem to have different rules for them as they get away with everything. One nice furniture guy from

Barbados was totally wasted (drunk) yesterday (not the first time). He was useless and held up our

production. They did nothing. I know my boss will say something this morning about picking up the

pace. That’s when I will pull hi aside and tell him what I think”. I am sure this sort of sentiment exists in

workplaces across the globe, I am sure. In the third incident, three employees were sitting in a coffee

shop talking. The subject turned to workplace issues. The lone female in the group started ranting and

carrying on about the fact that her pay had been docked because she was not at work for a few days and

returned with a doctor’s note. She went on to talk about the “crap” going on in her workplace and her

refusal to succumb to her bosses direction that she works through her break time.

From these three incidents, it dawned on me that perhaps there should be a platform for people just to

vent and discuss workplace-related issues.

Workplace Vent provides a forum for people to vent, release the negative pent up energy that they may

be experiencing with issues at work. Workplace Vent provides a forum where people in workplaces can

air their frustrations in a safe, anonymous and non-threatening way. In the beginning, WINN will collect

and posts the workplace vents, and rants. As WINN grows, it will provide a forum for consumers to

lodge and upload their own vents, rants, frustrations, things that set them off or push buttons in the

workplace. Of course, WINN will also provide an avenue for the public to comment on the posted rants

and vents..