Minimum wage hike spurs employer bad behaviour

Some employers are putting the squeeze on employees as a result of the minimum wage hike. Some of these employers are starting to create a toxic work environment. At fast food restaurants one can hear employees complaining about the backlash they now attribute to the wage hike. At one Swiss Chalet, the franchise owner is determined to squeeze as much out of her employees as possible. Making matters worse, the owner has become so enraged and belligerent about the wage hike that restaurant patrons can hear screaming and yelling at employees, as if it is their fault. In one incident, one particular franchise owner was screaming so hard that a customer threatened to leave if the owner did not shut up.

It looks like some workplaces are scheduled for significant turmoil as reaction to the minimum wage increase in Ontario. Do you think that the minimum wage hike is creating toxic workplaces?.


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