WINN’s Products and Services expand with time. As presently

conceptualized, WINN’s products and services in the first three years of

operation are expected to be:

  • A website that streamlines work-related information and

resources already existing on the web;

  • An e-newsletter that presents stories and work-related


  • A catalogue of proprietary tools, articles, short videos and

documentaries, addressing work-related topics

  • Consulting Services targeting employers
  • Research Services targeting employers, not for profit

establishments and institutes

  • Commissioned filming and video production services related

to work and workplace subjects;

By the end of the thirty sixth month of operation WINN expects to add to its

repertoire of services access to documentaries, one-hour length that

examine a broad range in work-related subjects. To start, WINN intends to

create thirteen part webisodes in each of the following areas:

  • You, Cancer & The Workplace (Already Started)
  • Surviving Violent Episodes in the Workplace-Lessons For

Canadian Employers From Massacres In US Workplaces

(Already conceptualized and outlined)

  • Illnesses in the Workplace
  • Mental Health and the Workplace (Already Conceptualized

and outlined)

  • Images of Sexism in the Workplace
  • Workplace Design Issues
  • The Changing Face of Leadership
  • Emerging Occupations and Professions
  • A Day in the Life of ______
  • Workplace Injustices-Sex Trade Workers


WINN expects that by the end of the thirty sixth-month, it will be the sole

owner of at least 104 documentaries, together with shorter videos each of

which explores work-related subjects.

By the end of the thirty sixth-month, WINN expects to have a broad variety

of tools, instruments, and approaches to the subject.  The WINN team

understands that for the enterprise to be successful work-related

information, at times, has to be presented in entertaining ways. As a result,

a variety of approaches will be used (Talk Show Format, Animation, Stand

up Comedy, etc.) Regardless of presentation format, the subject matter will

be consistent—work, and work-related issues. WINN’s lane is “work” and

“work-related” issues.

Going to the fourth year of operation, WINN anticipates the following

sources of income which depicts categories of services:

  • Commissioned works
  • E-newsletter
  • Research and on line surveys
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Writing & Editorial Services



WINN is well aware that in its infancy as a web provider, a fair amount of

programming repetition is necessary. The beauty of the web, though, is that

despite programming occurring at any time, a potential viewer can select

any documentary its wishes to see,.