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Fairness Solutions (Equity, Diversity, Human Rights): WINN offers a variety of services and solutions in the area of workplace fairness, equity and diversity. You can count on the WINN team to design and deliver training, policy and processes to help an organization move toward greater degree of fairness. Rely on the WINN’s team to conduct your organization’s employment systems reviews, and audits to become more inclusive. WINN’s team can help facilitate discussions and conversations within an organization about sensitive human rights and other issues. Call on the WINN Team to help draft defensible policies and procedures that are bullet proof. Retain the WINN Team to field your manager’s questions about workplace fairness, inclusion and diversity.

Strategy Solutions (Strategy Planning): Every organization needs strategy to help it navigates through the noise in the market. Strategy is often makes the defining ingredient for business longevity.WINN’s Team can help you make decisions of strategy. It can help you craft strategy that works for your management team as a whole. WINN will help you sift through market and other types of noise to craft an effective business strategy.

Motivational & Speakers Solutions; WINN’s the expertise to help organizational leaders become effective speakers that motivate and inspire people. For many people public speaking can be daunting. It is something that causes people to freeze up. Effective public speaking, though a challenge at times, can be mastered with WINN”s approach and tailored strategies. WINN’s methods rely on a three pronged approach called M.A.D. Come learn the heart of persuasion. If you want to deliver every speech with passion and confidence. then call upon WINN to help you get there.

Research Solutions: WINN has the resources and tools to help any organization develop and implement its research agenda=, or answer questions that are of organizational or operational importance. WINN’s Team consists of persons skilled in the development of research instruments as well as data manipulation and analysis. Check out our unique approach. Use WINN to help you continue grow or manage your enterprise, department, or unit with objective data and reasoned impressions. Whether you want data from a survey, literature review, key informants, focus groups or other forums the WINN Team is here to help.

Engagement Solutions: Are you in the midst of an employee engagement activity. Do you want your employees to become more engaged at work. Are you looking to determine what is going on in and among your employees. Do you want to know what organizational issues are of most importance to your employees? If you answered yes to any one of the preceding questions then call WINN’s team for help. We will do everything in our power to help you and your management team get the desired answers and results.

Creative Solutions:WINN promotes creativity in the workplace. Our approach is deliberate. Among the WINN teams leadership are musicians, artists, photographers, video production specialists. The WINN team can assist you and your organization in its creative endeavours. WINN will source it for you if we do not have it on staff. WINN will manage the creation of your creative products for you, if you can’t do it yourself, or if you need an external body to do so.

Policy & Evaluation Solutions: Every organization is concerned with how success is measured. For a business enterprise overall success is measured by bottom line numbers. Yet,organizations may wish to evaluate a range of activities to determine their implementation success. Call on WINN when you want to measure activity, program, or policy success. Let the WINN
Team help you develop and implement a strategy to measure success.

Editorial & Transcription Solutions:

Conflict Resolution Solutions:Any successful business knows that conflict is just a part of doing business. What matters is how conflicts are managed. Litigation, for example, is simply one of several conflict management processes. The trouble with litigation is that it can be a enormously expensive zero-sum game in which there are clear winners and losers.WINN helps its clients plan and resolve conflicts, particularly when relationship maintenance matters. Call us today and let us

Crisis Management Solutions

Government Affairs Solutions: Governments are large and amorphous creatures. Dealing with the structure, purpose and processes of government requires expertise all on its own. Bureaucrats have their own language, way of speaking and methods of approaching subject matters. It is true that government is a beast all on to its own. Yet, despite all of this, it is important for any organization to be able to deal effectively with elected officials if for no other reason than the fact that they make the rules that govern society and how business operate within the society. Let WINN be you government relations advisor and provide solutions that make a positive difference to your business’