Spiritual leadership

One of the most critical problems facing today’s churches is that the “blind is leading the blind”. Pastors  are workplace. The religious institution in which pastoring occurs is a work place, and the congregants are for the most part followers. One cannot lead you to a place where they themselves have never been. Spiritual leadership is about enlightenment of the individual in-terms of Who they are? Why were they created? Where do I go from here? Most pastoral ministers are an ego driven ministry. What can I gain from this, instead of what can I do for people. In the Hebrew vernacular  love means to give, as in God so love the world He gave is only son. If love is the essence of spiritual development why do churches today spend so must time selling and asking for money, instead of developing the individual and let them give without manipulation?

Enlightenment means that we are one with our neighbor, one with nature and one with the Universal Intelligence called the Holy Spirit. This will eliminate all selfish desire, verbal and sexual harassment in the work place    Pastors are in a unique position to help their congregants with spiritual strength to be more productive in the workplace, not so much to assist capitalists ends, but to achieve spiritual desire to become and remain enlightened even in the toughest of workplaces.  Were the church to teach spiritual enlightenment in the right way, it would produce better employees.  Only a an enlightened and good spiritual leaders in religious institutions to mentor their congregants. Sadly, most pastors fails in achieving this in their workplace. Do not forget that Jesus used a mentor-ship process with his twelve disciples, even though his workplace was nomadic. Jesus effect on our society is still been felt when He says Love one another as I first love you..


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