I.T. Workplace Ethics Overview

There comes a time in a workplace being hired on projects by clients that morality may / will come into play. Being in the I.T. field there has been times where these issues do arise. Do it and there is consequences don’t do it and there is consequences. If you choose yes, the consequences may only be a personal conflict on your well being and knowing right from wrong. If so can you deal with the guilt. Your personal makeup is put into question. There could be legal issues too, but wont go to that nature now. If you choose to make a stand and have the character to say no, this is against my rules and up bringing, let alone standing strong on issues that may put your future on the line.

Staying on the subject of choosing not to follow thru, you may ask several questions: How well do you know the client, How long have you provided services, What happens if the contract gets severed, Is this going to effect myself / family, Will this effect current and future clients/contracts, Is this just a personal conflict, or flat out wrong and illegal, Will someone else do this.

Along with may other questions.

If you ask if someone else will do this, is it better to be on the inside. If so can you try and control the situation a little so the backlash of ethical standards are not as harsh as they have been put in place to follow thru on. Can you try and prevent other such endeavors. Will this be in the best interest of yourself, can you attempt to downplay and maybe prevent issues for the company, preventing a major fallback.

If the business goes ahead do you try and prevent this from happening. Do you ethically hack the company to stop this. Do you illegally stop this by bringing down systems. Can you publicize the issue and make light of this in the public place. What steps should i take? Or not?

If your being paid and asked to do something wrong, can i still be at fault. Really I’m just following what was asked..


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