WINN sets out to amass the largest and most detailed single source of work-related content anywhere in the universe, regardless of borders and geography.

We want to be the universe’s leader in the development of tools, content and information aimed at changing the landscape of work and the political environment from which work-related legislation and workplace rules are negotiated and ultimately emanate. WINN’s intent is to offer provocative and insightful commentary on work-related matters specifically for the purposes of transforming workplaces into healthy social settings where humans can thrive.

WINN links the working universe to its innovative proprietary documentary films, video programming that covers work-related topics and at the same time ties its own content to those already existing on the web.

WINN provides the working population with comprehensive, accurate and detailed work-related intelligence in entertaining ways. WINN takes everyday news reports and covers it from a work-related angle. WINN uses this platform to engage in work-related research to advance the existing body of work-related intelligence.

WINN’s long-term goal is to become the universe’s most pre-eminent, reliable
and trusted name in the coverage of work-related subject matters. In so doing,
WINN intends to develop a broad range of proprietary resources made available through the internet to the consuming workforce..