Life has a way of dispensing some life altering and changing moves especially in the midst of you being on “top of your game”. Many very successful people have had life changing experiences in the midst of their successful careers. On Sunday, January 11, 2015 Dr. Charles Price delivered a riveting sermon about Hope. In the process of articulating his message, Dr. Price spoke of his admiration for the works a Jewish psychiatrist whom Hitler imprisoned and sent off to a concentration camp.  Dr. Price’s spoke passionately about Hope and how it helped many people survive the concentration camp. Hope according to Dr. Price is part of what keeps people from committing suicide even when life deals harsh blows.

The issue is not that life knocks you down. The issue is getting up, dusting off, and try again with Hope that a better future lies ahead.  Those who have suffered professional devastation, humiliation and fallen from grace live daily with the emotional wrath that comes with that territory. While shuffling through the mess caused by professional annihilation the journey along the pathway to recovery may not always be clear. Staying motivated on the recovery trajectory is filled with bumps and sometimes large craters.  If Dr. Price is correct, then

Najam Mahmood is a man who has been given a second chance. His career as a forex trader was decimated. At the top of his game Najam Mahmood was a high roller, on a steep professional incline apparently destined to make hundreds of millions of dollars. By all indications Mr. Mahmood seemed destined to build a financial empire. Mahmood, as President and Chief Financial Officer of the now defunct  ForexMIG was making money hand over fist. He travelled extensively throughout the United States introducing his company products and services to anyone who would listen.  Mahmood started out with a single objective—build the universe’s largest, and most successful Forex Managed Fund.  And he was well on his way to get there when one day in 2007 everything came crashing down as the Canadian Revenue Agency raided ForexMIG’s offices, seized most of the corporation’s records and later commenced judicial proceedings against Mr. Mahmood.

Mr. Mahmood’s recovery pathway has been long. He says his future looks bright having recently completed and tested a proprietary piece of software that incorporates some of his foreign exchange knowledge. The WINN Team caught up with Mr. Mahomood recently and chatted to him about the new computer foreign exchange program that he developed, tested and is now ready to throw into the public domain.

  1. Mr. Mahmood, what do you do for a living? What is your job?
  2. Answer, right now I am rebuilding my foreign exchange business. I am 38 years old and I have been working in foreign exchange for more than twenty years. You know I am passionate about foreign exchange. That is all that I want to do, nothing else. Today, I am focusing on building an automatic trading foreign exchange and certain commodities (gold and silver mostly) trading, platform.
  3. We will talk about your automatic trading platform later in the interview. For now, though, tell me, how did you get started trading in foreign exchange trading?
  4. As a young man I was working in the Treasury Department in a bank in Pakistan. I cannot remember the exact sequence of events that got me started. However, at some point I was introduced to foreign exchange. I begged the bank representatives to train me. I knew at that early age that is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.
  5. How much money did you make in foreign exchange before things came tumbling down?
  6. For a variety of reasons I did not make a lot of money when I first started out. I\At that time I was trading mostly for myself. I trade USD, Swiss Francs. At times I trade USD against Japanese Yen, I did that for a couple years and then started teaching people how to trade foreign exchange.  I went throughout the United States and Canada recruiting students for my course. Teaching foreign exchange was a profitable enterprise and I earned a fair bit at this time. At or around this time, foreign exchange trading as a derivative was not regulated by the Ontario Securities Commission. So, I started a foreign exchange managed fund. The idea was quite simple. Under power of attorney, I would trade other people’s money which was pooled.

As manager of the managed fund, I started out with about $30, 000 of other people’s money and grew it to $9, 000, 000 in ten months. Yes, that is right under a year. Of the $9, 000, 000, about half represented investors’ money, the balance was pure profit, all of it earned from foreign exchange trading.  I was increasing the value of the fund by at least 6% per month. That kind of return was my track record. While banks and conventional wisdom broadcast that 6% return cannot be sustained. One has to consider the source of that information. Banks make a lot of money trading in foreign exchange. Banks did not get to be so rich and powerful earning 5% return a year investing deposits.

  1. Are you saying that you never lost money trading?
  2. FXCM recently lost 300, 000, 000 trading the Swiss Franc. ??? went bankrupt recently doing the same thing. Virtually every trader loses money at some point.  I am no different.  I have lost significant sums of money trading usually when I get too greedy.  That is one of the reasons that I had to develop proprietary software to eliminate the emotional dimensions to trading. Greed causes significant losses in this business.
  3. How did you get into gold?
  4. In 2007 I started buying gold and silver as a way to protect money that I earned. At one point I owned about 100000 ounces of silver and about 40 Kilograms of gold.
  5. Where is all that gold now?
  6. I was defrauded of all those commodities. I lost it all to a scammer. Had I not been defrauded of my commodities the gold alone would be worth over two million dollars today.
  7. What happened to the $9, 000, 000 fund?
  8. I transferred traders in a moment of panic and lost most two thirds or so of it. I panicked because CRA started to scrutinize my activities.
  9. I am told that CRA prosecuted you for tax evasion, is that true?
  10. Yep:
  11. What happened?
  12. What do you mean? What are you asking? Are you asking me why they prosecuted me, or are you asking how the prosecution concluded?
  13. Why not answer both of those questions?

On how much money was it alleged that you evaded taxes?

I am told that you were found guilty of tax evasion and spent time in jail is that true?

What was it like for you in the slammer?

Did you get a chance to trade currency while you were in jail?

Computer program that automatically enters and exits and managed trade. Takes greed out of trading. I do not have to think. The program executes the trade. It is an intelligent program.

The logic behind the program belongs to Mr. Mahmood, although  High Probability Trend

Program include gold, Euro, Aus, Yen, Pound, Swiss, Aus, New, US, Yen, not CAD because it is stable

Why-take fear and greed and it works 24/7

System is proprietary and will be used

Big successful firms all have some form of software that thy use

Software is conservative


Have been testing the program since November 2014. Between November 2014 and December 2014 produced over 40% return

  1. I am told that you recently developed a software for foreign exchange trading, am I correct?
  2. Yep.
  3. Tell me a bit about the software?
  4. Well, it is a proprietary program that I developed. It contains my logic, although someone else wrote the software code. The software automatically enters and exits. There is no need to think about the execution of a trade it is automatic. You know, most large institutions have some form of software that helps with trading, although those large organizations will never get rid of traders. This software literally can replace the need for traders and in that sense is better than those being used by large, institutional traders. The software is designed to execute high probability trend trades. The software is also designed to trade about twenty currencies Euro, Sterling, USD, AUS, and Yen to name a few.  Certain commodities are also included such as gold.
  5. Wait a minute, what happened to the Canadian dollar. Is the software not designed to trade Canadian dollar?
  6. No. Believe it or not the Canadian dollar does not move much. It is not on, you know, a roller coaster ride or anything.
  7. For whom did you design this software?
  8. At the moment, I am the only one who will be using the system. So, I guess you can say that it was designed for me.
  9. What made you develop the software?
  10. Developing the software became absolutely necessary in order to remove completely the emotions from trading. Greed is the one thing that causes the majority traders to lose money in foreign exchange trading.
  11. What makes you think that this software works well and produces positive results?
  12. I have been testing the software since November 2014 and it has produced a return of 40% in two months. I will continue to test this software for the next four months or so. With six months track record, it will be hard to dispute that the software works well and produces reliable results.  Moreover, the software is phenomenally conservative in its execution.
  13. When did you find time to develop this software?
  14. Well, after I was arrested and convicted for tax evasion, I was put in Maplehurst to serve my sentence. One has a lot of time to think and reflect when in jail. I had lots of time on my hand when I was in jail and it allowed me to put the seminal and final touches on the software.
  15. What do you hope to achieve with this software?
  16. I want to perfect this system. I will launch it and then one of two things. I will use it to trade, or alternatively or in addition make it available for licensing or sale to institutional players.
  17. I am told that you are now flying like a kite. Can you tell me why you are so elated?
  18. Well, in April 2013 I predicted with 97% accuracy what would happen to the Swiss Franc. My predictions not only came true
  19. What is the one work accomplishment about which you are most proud?
  20. I would have to say it is my predictions about the Swiss Franc?
  21. What do you mean?
  22. I predicted two years in advance that the Swiss Franc was going to crash.
  23. How did you Swiss France predictions come about?
  24. It as actually a bet over lunch with a veteran trader of forty years who trades Swiss Franc. In the course of conversation he mentioned that the Swiss Franc was going to rise. I said no it wont. I then rattled off four critical moves that the Swiss Franc would make. That happened on April 23, 2013. I sent him an email to confirm that. On February 14, 2014 I put my predictions in a Press Release and it was disseminated by Canadian Wire Service.
  25. How accurate were your predictions?
  26. I calculated the accuracy rate at 97%. This is incredible. I know of no one else who has ever done something like this. The thing is this is not the first time I have done this type of thing.  I have done something similar with gold.
  27. Tell me about your prediction bout the price of gold?
  28. I believe that gold will eventually bottom out at $250 per ounce as the market correct itself.
  29. So, if you are so good at your gig, why is it that you are not filthy rich?
  30. It is a question of money. I have been given a second chance. You know the experience with CRA taught me so much.  I am still hungry for success. Now, I learn to be patient and more meticulous in what I do. I am getting back on my feet. But for now cash flow is a big problem. One of these days I will meet the one person who will examine my system, believe in me and then Bob’s your uncle, if you know what I mean.  I have no doubt in the world that I will succeed.

WINN staff want to thank you for this interview. We wish you all the best in your career endeavours.