Today you and I can only imagine and ponder the cost of our freedom.

I can barely imagine, mothers standing with pride and sorrow mixed in their hearts, as their sons and daughters head off to war.

And I can only imagine the grief that filled their heart,

As they mourned their dead that died across the sea.

Just think of it, they were flesh of their flesh

So it must have been extremely difficult.

On Remembrance Day all over the world, drums beat slowly and solemnly in sorrow,

Paying tribute to those who given their lives.

When we gather in remembrance, music brings joy to our hearts

But tears to our eyes, as we reflect on the sacrifice paid,

For the price of our freedom!

Today let us remember, they were young with their lives before them, Yet thought not of themselves, but focused on what needed to be done.

Off they went to the battlefield for the future of their country,

Many did not return to their homes, friends and family,

They paid the ultimate sacrifice; their lives for their country.

Today we say thank you, as we pay tribute to many who have fallen so we today may rise as we partake of, joy of freedom.


  1. Griffiths