WINN’s management team is diverse. It consists of a former lawyer, an accountant and technology wiz, and a photographer film-maker. Each member of the management team is committed to transforming WINN a successful enterprise.  What follows is a brief biography of those involved in the enterprise.


Winston Mattis: Winston Mattis holds a M.P.A., from Queen’s University, a law degree from the University of Windsor together with a variety of other undergraduate credentials, including a project management certificate.

Winston started out his professional career in sciences, after studying biochemistry at York University at which he studied biochemistry.  For three of the four years he spent at York University Winston was a disc jockey and announcer on CHRY. He created and broadcasted a show which he called Messages from the Sun Goddess, a show which fused the rap sounds of Grandmaster Flash (Messages) with the melodic contours of Earth Wind and Fire’s Sun Goddess. It is while at York University that Winston started playing music, initial in the acclaimed Yorktones Steel Orchestra before he started playing bass, a bit of drums, and alto saxophone.

Winston worked for about a year with the Ministry of Health in its reference laboratory located in the west end of Toronto.  He then worked as an interviewer on a nationally syndicated evaluation project for the federal government (EI). Shortly thereafter, Winston started his own research company from which he provided consultancy services.  While working as a consultant, Winston researched numerous issues for community-based organizations.  Winston was one of the persons who helped in the initial stages of forming Eva’s Place.  While providing consultancy services, Winston enrolled in the Public Administration Program at Ryerson Polytechnic, now Ryerson University and later on in Queen’s University M.P.A program. At Queen’s University, Winston started P.S. 2000 the first ever M.P.A. student-led magazine. The purpose of the magazine was to publish the creative policy ideas of M.P.A. students.  Instead of going on to a doctorate in policy studies, Winston opted to enroll in a joint law program between Faculty of Law, University of Windsor, and the University of Detroit (Mercy) School of Law.

Over the years, Winston has worked in numerous fields including policing, human rights, community development and training.  Winston was the researcher that researched the structure of apprenticeship in Ontario’s construction trades for the Royal Commission: Access to Professions and Trades in Ontario.  Winston, for example, was part of the consulting team that researched and designed the Race Relation and Policing Policy for the Solicitor General of Ontario.  Way back in about 1979 Winston was a delegate to the first ever federally sponsored Multiculturalism conference at which he addressed the assembly.

Throughout his career Winston has appeared in the media in a variety of capacities. As a musician and performer, Winston produced several albums and singles on Toronto’s music scene. He was one of the founders of the label SEE (Starlyte Entertainment Enterprise), a label that will be revived within the next three months.  The label will not only produce and distribute approximately 300 song in six colleague’s music library, but will manage the careers of various up and coming artists.

Winston practiced Labour and Employment Law for fifteen years in Ontario, advising employers and employees on a wide range of human resources issues. Prior to starting his own law practice Winston articled with Hicks Morley Hamilton Stewart Storie, a boutique Labour and Employment Law firm in Ontario. Winston is a former musician/producer. He is also a former dancer who worked for a short time in theatre.  A former Board Member of Ballet Creole, Winston has a long history of working in the performing arts industry. Winston, the holder of a certificate in photography from Humber College, is a published author who enjoys a reputation of being one of Canada’s leading thinkers in the areas of discrimination, and diversity management in the workplace.

In 2014 Winston founded a media enterprise called WINN (Workplace Intelligence Navigation Network) a website dedicated to the presentation of workplace-related information. The site presents workplace information and stories in a multi-media format. A combination of training and other videos are displayed for consumption. WINN sets out to amass the largest selection of workplace related information on the internet anywhere in the universe.  Check out which goes live on April 05, 2015.

Winston has been a member of several boards and committees including, but not limited to: Riverdale Hospital, Toronto Mayor’s Committee on Community & Race Relations, and Public Policy Ryerson University.



Ashlee Hutchinson

Ashlee has served as the On-line Creative Director for Over the Rainbow. In this role Ashlee managed social media, and maintained the organization’s website and online catalogues. Ashlee’s creative decisions about online presence, and product placements for the enterprise were always pointed.  Apart from her involvement on this team Ashlee works as a videographer/photographer with film-making experience. Ashlee has photographed culturally iconic personalities such as  Martin Sheen, Martin Luther King III, Rita Marley, Rohan Marley, Sharon Marley, Tommy Hilfiger, Anna Dello Russo and Lady Gaga.  Ashlee’s inclusion on this team is definitely an asset as she spearheads WINN’s creative dimensions.
Experience       Ashlees film-making skills were involved in the making of the feature-length documentary RasTa: A Souls s  Journey which was nominated as best documentary by a U.S. organization.

Ashlee is currently directing  “ T , a one-hour, heart-wrenching documentary film that examines the meaning of life and its many joys. The story is told by examining the tension between the mind and the body, the present and the future, the now and the never, the good and the bad. The story is about how life’s joys can be achieved despite devastating and consistent uncertainties of medical devastation. It is a story of the triumph of a mind resolved to live life to the fullest, even when medical practitioners can explain the scope or regularity of illness that has affected “T”, the descendants of Italian immigrants caught up in a small town Niagara Falls, Ontario in the 1940 and how T eventually comes to her subjective meaning of life, how she laughs and enjoy her restricted mobility and a life in which she is somewhat confined. By the end of the film the viewer is inspired by T’s clarity of purpose and her ability to define her worth and world through her paintings, until, of course she loses her eyesight and becomes a victim of professional care giver abuses when $5000 of her money is stolen.


Untitled is a short film that takes you on my trip travelling to Manitoba-Shoal LakeIndian Reserve. This is a film that will expose the rawness and political tensions that remain deep into the culturalpsyche of aboriginal peoples towards colonizers. The film looks at the


Videographer/Photographer: Ashlee is the on-going Director and Videographer for about a dozen series of short films documenting Donisha Prendergast. Short-term journeys By way of an agreement with Donisha Prendergast, Ashlee currently shoots footage for a documentary film featuring Donisha’s Journey as a film student at Ryerson University. This film will examine the transition of Ms. Prendergast’s role from advocate, rebel, community organizer and motivation speaker into a dedicated and eager student.


The Mackenzie Project is a forty minute, horror film listed in the IMB. It was produced and directed by an An independent film company called High Sock Production.  Horror/Drama/Comedy


Education                    Humber College, Toronto — Fashion Arts, 2011



Katherine Brown

Katherine has over 20 years of experience in finance, manufacturing and warehouse management. Her work focuses on boosting productivity, improving inventory management, trimming operational costs, business process re-engineering, enhancements, user education, and training. She guides clients towards maximum return on investment, accelerating software implementations, and successfully deploying to end users throughout the organization. She identifies opportunities where clients could greatly benefit from implementing additional modules/applications. She has flexible implementation methodologies, introduced new concepts, and developed business processes for achieving consistent results.


Implementation Experience In 14 countries, Katherine has successfully implemented software systems with a variety of manufacturing & distribution companies including some of these types:
•Automotive – Forging, Stamping, Coating and Assembly
•Aerospace / Aircraft – Engine Rings, Flashbutt welding, CNC Machining
•Process Manufacturers – Beauty Supplies, Food Manufacturers, Fertilizer Pharmaceutical – Tablets, Capsules
•Electronics – Satellite, Components
•Engineering – Project Management
•Custom Fabricators – Plastics, Sheet Metal, Foam, Gaskets, Fiberglass
•Medical Device Manufacturers


Software Experience Katherine has successfully implemented several software systems at mid-size manufacturing & distribution companies including: Epicor 9, Vantage 8, Manage 2000, and iScala. Katherine has successfully implemented Warehouse Management Software with License Plate, Lot, Serial and Bin Tracking. She has taught internationally business concepts, technical installations with MS SQL, Intermec, Honeywell and Motorola as well as the device configurations. As a Corporate Business Manager lead an implementation for 5 facilities with over 25,000 transactions per day in 3 countries.


Work History •Quartz Group, Inc. – Present
•Manufacturing System Corp. – Director of Sales and Customer Service, 2003 – 2013
•Multimatic Manufacturing – Corporate Business Manager, 1993 – 2003
•Seeburn Metal Products – Assistant Controller/Controller, 1989 – 1993
•KFW Canada – Cost Accountant/Assistant Controller, 1985 – 1989
•Melitta Canada – Buyer/Cost Accountant, 1983 – 1985


Education Certified Management Accountant, Toronto, Canada – 1984



Muse Kuulow

Muse Kuulow  was born and initially educated in Somalia. After graduating from Journalism school in Somalia, Muse worked as a journalist first in the print industry, and later in radio.  He spent four years working for Somalia’s national newspaper During his short journalism career in Somalia Muse covered the political system, parliamentary matters, and issues of national importance. As a broadcaster, Muse appeared on numerous radio programs that covered and highlighted his work. Muse coverage of Somalia’s civil war issues led to rumors of his life being endangered. He promptly moved to Kenya where he worked as a free-lance journalist not only for small establishments, but for internationally known organizations such as the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).  In Kenya, Muse was the recipient of the National Kenynian Journalism Award for his consistent and outstanding reporting. After three and a half years in Kenya, Muse made the decision to migrate to North America and chose Canada as his new home.

Once in Canada, Muse was determined to re-enter into the field that commands his professional passion—journalism. In 2007 Muse promptly enrolled in Carlton’s University’s Journalism Program. Carleton University, despite Muse’s journalism reputation and experience and recognition, credited him with two years for all of his prior work and experience. As a result, Muse graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism after only two years of study.

While studying at Carleton University Muse founded the Immigrant Post Magazine, a publication dedicated to publicizing issues relevant to the immigrant experience.  Funded by the Canada Magazine Fund, the Immigrant Post now has a monthly circulation of upwards of 10, 000 units. Muse is also now the publisher of Somali Tribune Newspaper, a weekly newspaper serving the Somalian community with a monthly circulation of upwards of 10, 000 units.

Always fascinated by radio broadcasting, Muse, while still being the publisher of two print enterprises, launched into radio where he now hosts a program called Radio Alif on AM530. Aired twice per week (Wednesdays & Thursday 10p.m. to midnight). Muse continues to build his journalism reach and profile by being the host of a Radio One Somalia aired on 88.9FM, an ethnic based media in Toronto.

Since his graduation from Carleton University’s Journalism Program, Muse  has pursued his dream of combining his passion for human rights and journalism. On the human rights front, Muse has worked tirelessly in Toronto vulnerable communities to seek social justice by using journalist platforms as a platform for legislative and regulatory commentary and suggested changes.  By 2008, Muse served on the Ontario Immigration Advisory Committee. In 2010, Muse won an award from the National Ethnic Press and Media Council for Best In Editorial Concept and Visual Presentation in the publication of the Immigrant Post Magazine.

These experiences (both academic and professional) have allowed Muse to really explore how information is relayed to the public and the great need for the public to be aware of and be involved in the events and activities happening around them, especially marginalized communities. Muse continues to break down barriers facing immigrant through his work in journalism. Operating in the cultural product space has exposed him to how culture, politics, and organization issues intersect to impact the daily lives of immigrants as they adjust to their new environments and become acculturated, making Canada their domicile of choice.  Muse is dedicated and is willing to participate in virtually any initiative that serves to better the lives of immigrants, in particularly those initiatives that bring the stories, including work-related ones,  to the fore.  Given Muse’s own experience as a “quasi-refugee”, he is particularly interested in providing insights into the working lives of  undocumented workers and will use  his media skills, where possible, to cry for change. Muse has lived and worked in Toronto for over a decade now.  He has a lot of experience working with committees, groups, and organizations and understands their unique challenges.

 Professional Background Journalist & Broadcaster

Advisory Committee Member Metro Links York South West

•Publisher Immigrant Post – Present
•Publisher Somali TribuneBoard Member Urban Artists, A Community Arts Council

Board Member Northwood Neighbourhood Community Services

Former Board Member Women For Change


Education B.A. Carleton University, Journalism