Awesome features


WINN knows that not everyone is an avid reader and that people’s learning styles vary. So, WINN

presents information in several formats. WINN has presented an awesome website with awesome

features. We want you to maximize your positive experience with this site. In the coming months we will

grow. WINN will continue to add features and content to this site to improve your navigation experience

as well as access to information. For now though, here are some awesome features

Vidume Upload your own personal advertisement to prospective employers. We

are always being told that we have to market ourselves. Well, much of

marketing is visual. Upload your own personal video containing

information you want to convince a prospective employer that you

bring a broad range of skills to the table.

Mentor: Sign up to be a mentor or mentee. Yes, you got it right, you can sign up

to be either a mentor or a mentee, but not both, at least for now. We

hope to connect you to others who can help your career and experience

in the workplace. Having a mentor is definitely worth it.

View Stories: WINN present real life stories about workplace events. We present

them in video format. WINN starts out by just getting the stories out in

the open. In the coming weeks, months, years, we will add more stories

for you to experience.

A Day In The Life of: This feature is intended to help close the gap between what one

Workplace Vent: WINN presents a platform for you to vent the frustrations that you may

believes an occupation is like and what it truly is like. Here WINN talks

to people working in an occupation, have them tell their story. The

intention is for you to get an idea about what it might be like working in

the occupation before you actually go down that road. WINN intends to

present information in a wide range of categories, both “white collar”,

and “blue collar” occupations.

experience at work. At the beginning WINN will solicit and post

workplace vents. Down the road, though, WINN intends to expand this

platform so that you can upload your own vents, rants and frustrations

and solicit comments. WINN does not subscribe here to the notion of

thought leaders.

WINN hopes you use this website as your go to location for workplace information. That is where we are

heading and we ask you to help us grow because as we grow you are also increasing your opportunity to

grow as a person in your work life.


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